Awesome Healthy Recipes For Kids’ Lunches


5 Awesome Healthy Recipes for Kids’ Lunches That Every Child Will Love

The sun shines down brightly at noon on a school playground. Every kid has lunch, be it in a plastic bag or a lunch box. Laughing and eating keeps them happy and occupied. Moreover, lunch time meal is crucial as it keeps a child’s energy level high through the second half of school day.
When the portions depend on the child, the health and the taste of that meal depends on the parent. Everyone knows how important it is for kids to get healthy meals, but very few know how to make these meals tasty enough for kids. This is because to most kids, the important aspect of lunch is taste. Someone might think this is hard and costly, but it is quite the opposite. This article contains healthy recipes for kids’ lunches that every parent can make with ease

1. Blueberry Oatmeal Bars

· cup oats
· Brown sugar
· teaspoon baking soda
· Cinnamon
· Milk
· Egg
· Applesauce
· Cup whole wheat flour
Pour all the ingredients in a bowl, mix them thoroughly and bake at 350F in a pre-heated oven for 20 minutes. Serve while warm.

2. Chicken salad

While kids hear of salad, they get scared. However, this is a healthy recipe that might change kids’ usual reaction to salads.
· Salt
· Cup plain yogurt
· Chopped celery stalk
· Black pepper
· cup low fat mayonnaise
· Roast chicken
· Chopped onion
· Lettuce
Apart from the lettuce, mix all the remaining ingredients gently; place the mixture on top of the lettuce.

3. Strawberry popsicles are one of the Healthy favorite recipes for kids’ lunches

· cup of canned strawberry
· 1 can of frozen strawberry concentration
· 2 cups plain yogurt
Decant the ingredients in a bowl and then mix them, without including the syrup. Put the mixture in paper cups while filled to the top. After that, cover with a plastic wrap and put the cups in the freezer.

4. Classic French toast

· Margarine
· Milk
· 2 slices of bread
· 1 egg
Put the milk I the bowl, beat the egg and pour it in the milk. Melt the margarine in a frying pan and dunk the slices of bread in the mixture of egg and the milk. Grill both sides in the frying for 3 minutes over a medium heat until the brown turns golden brown. This healthy but tasty recipe can be topped off with some cinnamon and sugar for an added sweetness.

5. Healthy recipe for snacks

· 1 cup cereal
· ¼ cup dried apple
· ¼ cup crackers
Put all the ingredients in a bowl, mix them up and put them in a container to serve.
For busy parents who want their kids to eat healthy, these recipes are easy to make and surely a mouth-turner for all kids. For those who have been looking for Healthy recipes for kids’ lunches, it is good to make good use of the above recipes as they are made of healthy ingredients but yummy flavor!