Vaginal Procedures

In the modern world, women experience many forms of damage to their vagina at some point in their life. These damages or irregularities can be the main reason behind their low self-esteem that can hamper their sex life. Suffering from low self-esteem as well as decreased sensations can cause them to visit a gynecologist and try out some vaginal procedures.

Stress Urinary Incontinence or Vaginal prolapse

The primary reason behind vaginal prolapse is childbirth. When giving birth, the ligaments and the muscles of the birth canal may separate and get weak. The weakening of the muscles can also affect the women who did not perceive and give birth. This can be caused by chronic coughing diseases, weakness of the tissues that are inherited, and obesity.


Vaginal cosmetic procedures such as Vaginal Rugae Restoration and specific defect repair methods can help maintain the vagina’s natural tightness and shape by fixing the damaged areas.

Low Self-Confidence

The majority of females develop irregular and larger labia which can cause them embarrassment, discomfort, and lessened sensation.

Vaginal cosmetic procedures have several professional techniques that can perform Labiaplasty through laser reduction on the inner parts of the labia. This also allows the women to choose various options according to their preference of how they want their lady parts to look like. Different important key factors such as color, symmetry, contour, smooth edges as well as size must be discussed with the cosmetic gynecologist.

Types of vaginal procedures


Liposuction is performed in the cases where women have bulges or bumps in the pubic area. VASER Lipo is a minimal vaginal cosmetic procedure that removes the unwanted body fat in a delicate and efficient way. It generally targets the specific areas and does not affect other important tissues like connective tissues, blood vessels, and nerves.

This vaginal cosmetic procedure is specifically designed according to the preferences of the individuals.



In many religious cultures, the virginity of females is given greater importance. The hymen is a membrane that partly closes the opening part of the vagina. It may tear due to strenuous activity or through intercourse. Marriage prospect of a female is also affected by her hymen in some cultures of the world.

Hymenoplasty is a vaginal cosmetic procedure that can repair the hymen such that no one could ever know that something happened.

Vaginal bleaching

This procedure is done to lighten the skin color surrounding the vagina. It can be performed by a professional at the salon or spa. You can also purchase a vaginal bleaching cream so you can perform the lightening treatment yourself.